Regarding prison strike

I have to agree with them. American prisons, (I don’t know enough of other prison systems to comment) are quite brutal on the mindset. They don’t teach inmates to re-integrate with society. On the contrary, their peers teach them how to run business through outdated methods like force and fear; they also teach the other inmates how to get away with things. Prisons punish with force and often brutality, while at the same time; devaluing them, treating the inmates like slaves without even the benefit of fair pay. Instead of progressing, this distancing from family and friends will very likely dissolve their morality as they lose touch with loved ones. This will be further degraded by abuses and pressures inside and a lack of empathy from the majority on the outside.

We punish men (and women) with confinement according to the severity of their crimes, but there is life after prison, there are friends and family on the outside. These people should not be made to suffer: knowing (or not) what those inside might be going through. Nor should they have to fear what this individual should become. Imprisonment in itself is enough, when we start taking away basic human rights on top of it, when we take away interaction and knowledge of the goings on outside; when we offer them reduced pay and don’t let them buy the materials that anyone else in the country would have (barring weapons). That is when things get messy. Often so much has changed by the time they get out these inmates have no idea how to adapt.

If they come out with a hostile, extremist view of the world; we have only ourselves to blame.