Welcome to Isle Oblivion!

We all live a life of annoyances, a life that leaves us wanting for something abnormal, something unique. This is that singulative reality we seek to escape.

Well that’s about to change. I propose to you an idea for something more, the site you are on is undergoing its first stages of development in the public domain. And when it finally blossoms as it does in my dreams it will be a beauty to behold.

Devoid of any class or racial discrimination, I wish to see a community united in projects of all sorts. From the entertainment like gaming and comedy; to the creative like diy electronics, art, literature and philosophy.

I propose what will inevitability become a hub of self and joint expression. Moderated only to cut down the oppressions of the outside world and give brilliance a place to shine.

So show me your gizmos and gadgets, share with me your humors and creations, and play alongside me as I enjoy the countless games on my list. Maybe we can even develop some of our own.

The sky is the limit only of what we can see from the ground; Imagination can soar infinitely further. And I believe by welcoming and encouraging each other we can bring out that imagination in amazing and life changing ways.

A single person may not be able to change the world on his own, but one person can build the bridge to support others already on their way. All I ask is that you share your knowledge and experiences with the others here.